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    Seismic Siren

    A 12vdc Seismic Siren was built into the infrastructure of DISASTR Hotel.

    The USGS estimates that between 3-4 million earthquakes occur around the globe and similar to the Seismic Machine Earthwork, PIEQF (2008), this Seismic Siren brought to the surface an audible reminder, highlighting the frequency of seismic events that occur around the globe.

    Moment magnitude scale (Mw) determined duration in which the siren would be triggered, and the seismic data feed(s) came from the following three sources;

    NZ (Mw 3.0 Above)

    GLOBAL (USA Mw1.0 Above and Global Mw 3.5 above)

    Global (Earthquakes US Mw2.5 Above and Mw 4.0 Global Above)

    The siren was controlled by an Ardunio Uno developed for both OSX and Linux. If you would like to build your own seismic siren email dvr (at) allshookup (dot) org for the ©© sources..

    Seismic Siren software was developed by Mr Snow.